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Announcing: Susquehanna Valley Women's Health Care

The Women's Healthcare Group (WHCG) in York County and Drs. May Grant Associates in Lancaster County are committed to offering provider choice for patients. Their independent provider networks have been offering medical care for decades that is personal and compassionate in a setting that is comfortable and easy to access. That's why we are proud to announce that we are joining forces to provide a larger independent OB/GYN regional provider network for women.

The WHCG and Drs. May Grant Associates believe that independent provider practices offer top quality medical care in an environment that has the feel of a small, dedicated physician's office. Our patients appreciate that about us.

Both the WHCG and Drs. May Grant Associates will continue to operate under their own names for the convenience of our patients. We will continue to offer skilled medical care by physicians and staff who value each patient.

A map of office locations and physician backgrounds are available on this site. Both practices will be managed under a corporate entity named Susquehanna Valley Women's Health Care.

Thank you for choosing us for your health care needs. Together, the WHCG and Drs. May Grant Associates will remain dedicated to providing life-long health care to women of all ages.